Saturday, January 22, 2011

DEAD BIRDS - We can change it! You can help!

I read recently an article about how many millions of birds are getting killed by USDA every year. They poison them. Check the list out: list of killings by USDA. Page related to bye bye blackbird article.
What is unfair is that WE allow this to happen! In times when climate change is affecting everyone and lots of species will die out eventually simply from natural causes humans took charge and started killing them by thousands before their time! We are not owning this planet, we are co-existing/co-inhabiting with other species. Why the killing rage? Lets learn to live peacefully with nature. So detached we are, sometimes we think that we are alone upon earth and that someone handed us the keys to the Gates and said "Here, don't let anyone or anything else in, take it all for yourself and make sure you exploit everything around you". It is not this way of course. We depend on the balanced system we call Nature it terms we cannot even realize. There is not so much scientific proof as yet as to what happens if we kill that many birds here and there. But think about it for a moment, those birds are food to someone else or they feed upon something else that is going to keep increasing in numbers having no predators and possibly cause a big hole in the system one day. It is proven, I have read somewhere  that the more you kill a species, it bounces back in even bigger numbers. If that is the case then we are in big trouble either way.
Another big birds killer's area is the Gulf of Mexico with its thousands of Oil and Gas offshore platforms (around 6,000!!!). Believe it or not the birds get confused by the red light of the platform and  loose orientation and die off the platform since most bird migrations take place at night and there is no sun light for birds to help orientate themselves. They have their own navigation system which is probably more complicated than we know. This problem was known since '79 see here bird killings. Recently there is someone who is fighting for a change and whom I have witnessed lecturing on the subject: Dr. Michael Fry, Director of Conservation Advocacy, American Bird Conservancy. It has been also brought to the public eye here.

How can you save them? Call up the White House and complain about the situation. Tel : 202-456-1414
Write about the situation, speak about it, communicate it any way you can. Help out! It is your kids that are going to be affected too in the future!

How to revive gel eyeliners-cream shadow liners

Money Saver *****

Has your eyeliner gone dry? Have you got it for more than 3 years (like me) and wonder if it is time to get rid of it and buy a new one? Don't despair, you are lucky you came across this blog :) First of all which brand eyeliner do you own? The ingredients that kept your gel/cream liner moist have now evaporated and gone. You need to add substances that have the same ingredients with your eyeliner so that you re-introduce the moisture in them which is what is missing. How do you search for the lubricants from the ingredient list of your liner? Well thank to some websites which provide you with tons of information like or Once you find the volatile ingredient (or mentioned as lubricant) you Google it and figure out in which creams/products it is contained. Often look for a combo of the ingredients that are listed in your liner cause they work together best chemically. So say at least 3 of the ingredients listed first in your liner's list of ingredients should exist in the cream product too. By the way, the ingredients are listed always in the order of quantitative abundance. Meaning the first ingredients on the list typed on the product's package are lets say 80% of the whole mixture and the last ones less than 1%. I did study Chemistry and trust me this works. Now you can try this it yourself!

Some help to get you started:

-Is it a Bobbie Brown long wear gel? Another blogger gave me the idea and saved me some money. Just add a tiny drop of Nivea for Men After Shave Extra Soothing Balm. Seriously only that much! Then working it in your eyeliner with a little spatula. It works!
 - Is it a Benefit cream shadowliner? Just add a tiny bit of Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer. Exactly the same ingredients! Again blend it in patiently for some time with a spatula.
- Is it a MAC Fluidline, Stila Smudge Pot, Coastal Scents? Try mixing Glycerin-Water based mixing medium with Clear face primer. From Enkore ( He also shows you how to execute.

As you see these different brands have all different ingredients so don't mix them up. If you brand is not listed here follow the instructions at the beginning. Good luck and have fun with it!