Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Holiday Smokey Silver eye look

Here I am using first The Body Shop Eye Definer shade BLUE SMOKE at the upper and lower lash line smudging it for a smoky look. Then Benefit's Skinny Jeans on the lid, followed by Ice Princess by L.A. Minerals, a lighter silver color placed at the extension of Skinny Jeans. On my brow bone, right beneath the eyebrow I used Aspen Summit from Sephora which was part of my Birthday Sephora Gift Set. Towards the end I used Calvin Klein's eye definition crayon in INTENSE BLACK on the lower waterline. The Eyeliner to cover the false eye lashes is Black Radiance Waterproof  in Black. The Lashes are by ylure, pre-glued ready to wear in 116. I applied a small part of mascara from Jane Be Pure, Aquaceuticals closer to the tear duct.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses Swatches and Review

Besides being really nice lip glosses for the price, NYX Mega Shine Glosses come with a disadvantage. Some of them smell bad. As I figured they come in two categories, the nice almond sweet smell in which case you wanna keep it and the plasticky- cough syrup disgusting smell in which case just throw it away!
If you would like to help other people that are interested in the product I am listing which ones smell nice and which ones don't. If you can help me complete the list then we can all figure out if the smell is consistent with a specific lipstick or arbitrary. It could also mean than the bad smell is an indication that they've gone bad!
Here are my finds: Chandelier, French Kiss and Chestnut smell good like sweet almond. Candy Shop and Sweet Heart smell plasticky.
How about yours?
Please leave a comment, thanks!

P.S. I shot the photos with a white reference (my business card), fixed in PS,  so that you get a more accurate color representation.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses